TPD provides mobile, real-time, cloud-based, web-enabled, enterprise-scale SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions (service levels listed below).

  • Encrypted, HIPAA and PCI Data Security Standard compliant and fully auditable.
  • Flexible integration: platform allows choice from our suite of solutions as needed. Solutions are scalable to each practice, hospital or department requirements (and budget), and leverages existing clinical database.


Standard Contact-Axis™ is free of charge and includes:

  • Access to all patient test results
  • Integrated alerts and notifications in response to patient test results that are out of range- TPD will coordinate response with provider to address patient result in these circumstances.  
  • Multi-modal patient test result transmission (24-hr phone, SMS, email  & fax)
  • Facilitation of coordinated care with patient primary care provider
  • Connectivity to State Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)
  • Records are easily saved and updated.
  • Easily printed wallet card for quick reference
  • Automatic, monthly reminders and/or standard reports for health care providers and patients
  • Demonstration of meaningful use of electronic health records as per Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • 24/7 patient-client, provider-client relations & support


StandardPlus Contact-Axis™ includes everything in Standard; in addition to all of the following:

  • Ability to electronically input health information collected during rounds, patient appointments & patient consultations- eliminating paper note-taking;
  • Our secure mobile messaging app deployed on healthcare team provider mobile devices [and patient mobile devices pending desire/approval]- enabling unlimited use between account holders; and access to the account holder directory.


Premium Contact-Axis™ includes everthing in StandardPlus in addition to all of the following:


Support and Reporting

  • Customizable analytical reports; individual and group patient reporting; configurable ad hoc reporting and data analytics, backed by TPD Epidemiologist


Connectivity & Collaboration Solutions for Care Teams & Providers 


  • Entire healthcare provider team is linked on a centralized axis for optimal, virtual collaboration (shared task lists easily ID which physician/nurse is working with which patient, align healthcare team on patient treatment plan & enable seamless patient hand-offs)
  • Mobile EMR - with real time alerts, summary memos & record of patient diagnostics, labs, studies & medications, including prescription drugs, O-T-C, vitamins, supplements- this eliminates healthcare team errors, redundancies and paper note-taking during rounds.
  • Comprehensive patient relations service, improving patient compliance & freeing up physician’s time: provides physician w/ complete analytics dashboard.  Designed to create a full “patient medication jacket” by acquiring substantive demographics- painting a clearer picture of the patient's daily behaviors, including symptoms, conditions, diet and exercise combined with biometric data such as blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose.
  • Ability to upload & share comprehensive patient information: clinical studies (MRI, X-ray, ECG, etc.); overview of each patient’s latest studies & medications. Helps healthcare facilities more effectively monitor & treat patient population, while improving workflow, communication & quality of life, and reducing hospital readmissions, time to discharge & payer costs.
  • Patients can interact, report and update relevant information about their daily living, as well as new symptoms or conditions.
  • Information organized and categorized in clear format (by daily program, symptoms & conditions, and medications)
  • Patient can designate that all information be automatically shared with family members or caregivers.
  • Data from any participating locations across the health information exchanges are instantaneously accessible to any authorized physician/clinician.
  • Enhanced initial “patient engagement interview” (in-person or web-based) is completed for each patient-client.  It is designed to acquire thorough patient demographics to allow for excellence in substantive analytics and reporting, and customer advocacy, which frees up physician’s time.  Patient consent, a single click, user single sign-on and authentication enables physicians/clinicians the ability to access, view, and collaborate on their patients' complete medication therapy patient jacket, including diagnostic readings, MTM, patient input/symptoms and overall, coordinated care.
  • Electronic data interchange allows for automatic reconciliation of your EMR/EHR with patient-reported data


Interoperability - Contact-Axis™ is designed to integrate with industry leading EHR and EMR systems via data exchange standards (e.g. ASTM CCR, CCD/C32/HL7) and via custom data interchange interfaces.  Additional specific EHR/PHR solutions integration that are not standards-based are prioritized based on customer requirements.  We work with solutions delivery partners, experts in EHR implementation and integration certified partners as needed. Additional data integrations include biometric monitoring devices according to the Continua open standard, mobile and other solutions. Contact us for further information about implementation and interoperability or your integration requirements, as well as pricing.

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