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Our solutions are designed to simplify the administrative tasks of healthcare management professionals such as nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurses, office managers, billing managers, and other human capital involved in the coordination and delivery of quality healthcare. This furthers the goal of ensuring patient compliance with doctor-prescribed weekly monitoring or testing; and overall anticoagulation management.  We add to the physician revenue stream, by supporting and assisting physician offices to bill for result review.  Additionally, we provide insight and focus of data transmission, communication, and coordination of care with the entire office staff: on prescription changes, adverse effects, patient activity/dietary changes, drug-drug interactions, food-drug interactions, and more.

  • Automated medication therapy management reports provide greater control over billing, scheduling, dosage adjustments.
  • Continuous health exchange integration and analytics supporting a multi-demensional procedure decision matrix
  • Utilize CONTACT-AXIS TM/SM to optimize your iPads/tablets and provide phyicians and full support staff with secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant access to complete medication patient jacket.
  • Better health outcomes for your patients
  • Streamline and potentially eliminate manual, redundant data entry and leverage configurable workflows for complete documentation and reporting to support your regulatory compliance. Spend less time on documentation and more time for patient care.
  • Minimize risks of regulatory non-compliance.
  • Ensure consistent workflows across a single practice or across multiple facilities.


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